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   * Date: February 4th -  Tuesday at 4-5pm\\   * Date: February 4th -  Tuesday at 4-5pm\\
   * Room: [[https://​portal.mytum.de/​displayRoomMap?​roomid=02.09.023@5613&​disable_decoration=yes|02.09.023]]   * Room: [[https://​portal.mytum.de/​displayRoomMap?​roomid=02.09.023@5613&​disable_decoration=yes|02.09.023]]
-  * {{:​teaching:​ss2020:​bdluam_ss2020:​ppt_priliminary_meeting.pdf|slides are here}+  * {{:​teaching:​ss2020:​bdluam_ss2020:​ppt_priliminary_meeting.pdf|slides are here}}
 There will be the following meetings:\\ There will be the following meetings:\\

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