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Marvin Eisenberger

PhD StudentTechnische Universität München

Department of Computer Science
Informatik 9
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching

Tel: +49-89-289-17790
Fax: +49-89-289-17757
Office: 02.09.058
Mail: marvin.eisenberger@in.tum.de


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Conference and Workshop Papers
[]Hamiltonian Dynamics for Real-World Shape Interpolation (M. Eisenberger and D. Cremers), In European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2020. ([arXiv]) [bibtex]Spotlight Presentation
[]Smooth Shells: Multi-Scale Shape Registration with Functional Maps (M. Eisenberger, Z. Lähner and D. Cremers), In IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020. ([arXiv][code]) [bibtex]Oral Presentation
[]Divergence-Free Shape Correspondence by Deformation (M. Eisenberger, Z. Lähner and D. Cremers), In Computer Graphics Forum, 2019. ([arxiv]) [bibtex] [pdf]
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Rechte Seite

Informatik IX
Chair of Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching