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   keywords = nfr   keywords = nfr
 } }
 +author={F. Pasa and V. Golkov and F. Pfeiffer and D. Cremers and D. Pfeiffer},
 +title={Efficient Deep Network Architectures for Fast Chest X-Ray Tuberculosis Screening and Visualization},​
 +journal={Scientific Reports},
 +keywords={medical imaging,​deeplearning}
 +  author = "R. Wang and N. Yang and J. Stueckler and D. Cremers",​
 +  title = "​DirectShape:​ Photometric Alignment of Shape Priors for Visual Vehicle Pose and Shape Estimation",​
 +  journal = {preprint},
 +  year = "​2019",​
 +  note = {{<a href="​https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1904.10097"​ target="​_blank">​[arxiv]</​a>​},​ video is coming soon.},
 +  keywords = {stereo, 3D reconstruction,​ semantic SLAM, 3D object detection, scene understanding}

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