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 ===== Downloads ===== ===== Downloads =====
-The **paper** can be downloaded at: http://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1904.11932 \\+The **paper** can be downloaded at: https://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1904.11932 \\
 The **video** is available at: [[https://​youtu.be/​gcbKeKX2eiE|https://​youtu.be/​gcbKeKX2eiE]] \\ The **video** is available at: [[https://​youtu.be/​gcbKeKX2eiE|https://​youtu.be/​gcbKeKX2eiE]] \\
-The **supplementary** can be downloaded at: {{ :​research:​vslam:​gn-net:​gn-net-supplementary.pdf |}}+The **supplementary** can be downloaded at: {{ :​research:​vslam:​gn-net:​gn-net-supplementary.pdf |}} \\ 
 +The **relocalization tracking benchmark dataset** can be downloaded at:  
-**The dataset will be published until September 202019.**+====== Results Oxford Robotcar ====== 
 +The following new results include comparisons to D2-Net and SuperPoint. These keypoint-based methods were designed to be used in combination with the PnP algorithm in a RANSAC scheme. 
 +We also show results for a GN-Net model which was only trained on the synthetic CARLA benchmarkbut tested on the Oxford sequences (dashed green). 
 +===== Results Sunny-Overcast ===== 
 +===== Results Sunny-Rainy ===== 
 +===== Results Sunny-Snowy ===== 
 +===== Results Overcast-Rainy ===== 
 +===== Results Overcast-Snowy ===== 
 +===== Results Rainy-Snowy ===== 
 <​bibtex>​ <​bibtex>​
 <​keywords>​gn-net</​keywords>​ <​keywords>​gn-net</​keywords>​
 </​bibtex>​ </​bibtex>​

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