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 <​keywords>​double-sphere</​keywords>​ <​keywords>​double-sphere</​keywords>​
 </​bibtex>​ </​bibtex>​
 +==== Open-Source Calibration Tool ====
 +The open-source code for calibration is available here: 
 +(GitHub mirror: https://​github.com/​VladyslavUsenko/​basalt-mirror)
 +Follow the corresponding [[https://​gitlab.com/​VladyslavUsenko/​basalt/​blob/​master/​doc/​Calibration.md|tutorial]] ​ to see the examples on Euroc, TUM-VI and UZH dataset calibration sequences.
 ==== Datasets and Calibration Results ==== ==== Datasets and Calibration Results ====
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 {{:​research:​vslam:​double-sphere:​screen_270_double-sphere.jpg?​600|}} {{:​research:​vslam:​double-sphere:​screen_270_double-sphere.jpg?​600|}}

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