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Summer Semester 2018

Summer Semester 2016

Winter Semester 2015/2016

Summer Semester 2015

Winter Semester 2014/2015

Supervised Student Projects

High-Quality Depth Maps from RGB-D Keyframes using Shape-from-Shading.
Florian Windolf, Master’s Thesis, October 2019.

Shading-based Refinement on Volumetric Signed Distance Functions.
Andreas Seibold, Interdisciplinary Project (IDP), February 2018.

Dynamic 3D Reconstruction using RGB-D Sensors.
Maximilian Staab & Sebastian Soyer, Interdisciplinary Project (IDP), September 2017.

Evaluation of Robust Dense Visual Odometry for RGB-D Cameras in OpenCL.
Josef Brandl, Master's Thesis, March 2017.

Variational Super-resolution Keyframe Fusion.
Nan Liu, Interdisciplinary Project (IDP), March 2017.

Dense Visual-Inertial Odometry.
Michael Grupp, Master's Lab Project, December 2016.

Combining Voxel Hashing and Keyframe Fusion for Efficient Online Surface Re-Integration.
Raphael Schaller, Master's Thesis, November 2016.

Using Plane Priors for 3D Scene Reconstruction on a Mobile Device.
Maksym Dzitsiuk, Master's Thesis, October 2016.

Hierarchical Submap-based Bundle Adjustment for Large-scale RGB-D SLAM.
Markus Herb, Guided Research, April 2016.

Texmap: A Versatile Library for Texture Mapping.
Sebastian Weiss, Student Project (HiWi), September 2015.

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In April 2022 Jürgen Sturm, Christian Kerl and Daniel Cremers were featured among the top 10 most influential scholars in robotics of the last decade.


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