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Winter Semester 2014/2015
Summer Semester 2015
Winter Semester 2015/2016
Summer Semester 2016
Winter Semester 2016/2017
Summer Semester 2017

Supervised Projects

Master's Thesis
Search for Sytles: An outfit recommendation system
Julius Nagel and Christopher Helm , Submission: December 2016
Code & Documentation :
Tim Meinhardt, Submission: November 2016
Code & Documentation :
RGB-D Scribble based Image Segmentation with CNNs
Andreas Wiedemann, Submission: November 2016
Code & Documentation :
Deep Learning for Image based Localization
Florian Walch, Submission: September 2016
(co-supervised with Laura Leal-Taixe)
Documentation: Thesis
Extending a Linguistically Informed CNN for Sentiment Analysis by Distant Supervision
Frederik Mattwich, Submission: April 2016
(co-supervised with Sebastian Ebert)
RGB-D Image Classification with Active Deep Learning
Fabian Stark, Submission: July 2016
(co-supervised with Rudolph Triebel)
Documentation : 
Multi-digit Character Recognition of CAPTCHAs with Deep Neural Networks
Fabian Stark, Submission: June 2015
(co-supervised with Rudolph Triebel)
Code & Documentation : 
Guided Research
Deep Neural Networks and Variational Methods for Multi-Class Segmentation
Adam Kosiorek, Submission: Oct 2015
(co-supervised with Julia Diebold)
Code & Documentation : 
Interdisciplinary Project (IDP)
TV-Segmentation Incorporating Depth Information
Nikolaus Demmel, Submission: Sep 2014
(co-supervised with Julia Diebold)
Code & Documentation : 
Practical Course Project
Simple Cuda Accelerated Random Forest (ScaRF)
Alfonso Ros Dos Santos, Submission: Oct 2014, GPU Praktikum, SS14
(co-supervised with Matthias Vestner)
Code & Documentation : 
Confidence Learning
Adam Kosiorek, Kareem Ahmed, Benjamin Helgert, Submission: July 2015, Machine Learning for Applications in Computer Vision, SS15
(co-supervised with Rudolph Triebel)
Code & Documentation : 
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